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WWF Mamize Firewood-Saving Cookstoves

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This project is located in South China’s Sichuan province and provides families in the Mamize Nature Reserve – an area known for its biodiversity and giant panda population – with firewood-saving cookstoves (FSCs). Replacing less-efficient cooking methods with FSCs improves community health, eases pressure on the Mamize Nature Reserve, and protects giant panda habitats. Unlike traditional cookstoves, which are inefficient and produce indoor smoke and pollution, the FSCs have an additional airflow system. This chimney and grate system combusts firewood more completely, filtering smoke out of the house via a 3-4 meter chimney. Their increased thermal efficiency means that the FSCs require less wood to fuel them, reducing 10 tons of carbon emissions per stove annually. Not only does this help mitigate climate change, ease pressure on forests and protect giant panda habitat – it also improves community health, as the FSCs dramatically reduce the amount of harmful indoor smoke created by cooking.


Tons of carbon is reduced each year
Households supplied with FSCs


  • Combats climate change by reducing the amount of carbon emissions and reducing the amount of wood needed for fuel.
  • Protects giant panda habitat by reducing the amount of wood being cut down for fuel.
  • Reduces the amount of air pollution indoor, which promotes healthier living situations.



Gold Standard was established in 2003 to ensure projects that reduced carbon emissions featured the highest levels of environmental integrity and also contributed to sustainable development. With the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, they launched a best practice standard for climate and sustainable development interventions, Gold Standard for the Global Goals, to maximize impact, creating value for people around the world and the planet we share.


Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere. This project aids in carbon sequestration which helps fight climate change.

Sustainably managing forests, combating desertification, halting and reversing land degradation, and halting biodiversity loss. The Tri-City Forest project helps provide a safe habitat for a variety of plants and animals.

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Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity. This project creates renewable energy that helps power the local communities.

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