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Covering over 3,600 acres in northern New Jersey, Hudson Farms is one of the largest working forests in the state. Hudson Farms’ rich history spans over a century, and the property contains the iconic estate where the idea for the Appalachian Trail was conceived. Today, Hudson Farms pioneers wildlife conservation initiatives throughout the region and serves as a local community steward. Hudson Farms Foundation gives to local Sussex County charities including conservation and species protection projects, various medical causes, veterans, food banks, fire departments, and responsible hunting safety education and outreach. Hudson Farms partners with the National Audubon Society and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.


Metrics tons of carbon captured per year
Acres of forest protected


  • Sequesters carbon from the atmosphere which aids in combating climate change by reducing the amount of carbon.
  • Provides habitats for protected wildlife through conservation efforts that help protect the homes of various wildlife.
  • Gives back to local communities, enabling them to interact with nature and learn more about the land. Supports local charities through the Hudson Farm Foundation.



Founded in 1996 as the first private voluntary offset program in the world, ACR has twenty-five years of unparalleled experience in the development of rigorous, science-based carbon offset standards and methodologies as well as operational experience in carbon offset project registration, verification oversight and offset issuance.


Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere. This project aids in carbon sequestration which helps fight climate change.

Sustainably managing forests, combating desertification, halting and reversing land degradation, and halting biodiversity loss. The Tri-City Forest project helps provide a safe habitat for a variety of plants and animals.

Avoid wasting water and clean, accessible water for all is an essential part of the world we want to live in. The Tri-City Forest project helps filter water and provide clean and safe water to those around it.

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